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The Impact of Abilities Tennis

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Good health, friendships, and a sense of belonging to a community is important to us all. Many times, achieving these can present a bigger challenge for people with intellectual disabilities. We have seen programs, such as tennis, play an important role in improving inclusion and the well-being of people with Intellectual Disabilities.


ATHLETES AND GROWINGIn 2020, we ran 298 events through over 32 programs across North Carolina, trained more than 200 volunteers and coaches, and had a ton of fun along the way!

Expanding the Tennis Community

We are committed to raising awareness and growing adaptive tennis programs throughout the state.

Through outreach and awareness programs, we are constantly working to bring new players into the sport of adaptive tennis. Not just the athletes! Encouraging all family members to play provides a life-long sport families can enjoy together.

Abilities Tennis serves as a state-wide authoritative source of information and assistance on adaptive tennis in North Carolina and occasionally across the US. We are a state and national advocacy and outreach organization providing Adaptive Tennis Awareness training to organizations.

We provide workshops, consultations, and assistance to CTAs, Parks and Recreation departments, schools, and adult services agencies to develop Adaptive Tennis programs in their community.

Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities who participate in sports, such as tennis, develop vital social skills, develop independence, forge friendships outside of their families and inner circle, build self-confidence, and have an increased awareness of their own potential.

Help us bring tennis to the approximately 172,000 individuals* in the state of North Carolina who have significant, life-long disabilities known as “intellectual and other developmental disabilities.”

*NC Department of Health and Human Services

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